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Victoria’s downtown might look like any other if she wasn’t the voice for preservation, and an authentic downtown.



Madoff is the city’s conscience in matters of land use, urban design and built form.

Gene Miller, Focus Magazine


….with Planning Department energy dedicated to applying the rules, there is almost no one left over to insist on and negotiate for fabulous buildings (deserved applause here to Victoria Councillor Pam Madoff who has made this concern her mission).

Gene Miller, Focus Magazine


I was surprised by the support and ingenuity shown by the provincial government and the City of Victoria in removing obstacles that were stopping the planned completion of the expansion and upgrade of Point Hope Shipyard. The two levels of government demonstrated a commitment to jobs and economic development in a very tangible manner.

Ian Maxwell, Ralmax Group of Companies


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Pam's advocacy for high quality contemporary architecture recognized. Source

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Pam is on the committee that is undertaking the business review of the Royal/McPherson Theatres Society with the goal of ensuring a sustainable future for the theatres and the performing arts community.