The following are statements about my service as a councillor that I am proud to have attained over my tenure on Council:


Pam is a tireless advocate for Victoria’s heritage and arts, while having an ever watchful eye for sound planning and good design in the city. She does her homework, walks the talk, and is a cultural icon. We wish her every success in this year’s election.

Ken Kelly, Former Executive Director, Downtown Victoria Business Association
Jo-Ann Roberts, Former Host, CBC Radio - All Points West


I wholeheartedly endorse Pam Madoff’s election as a Victoria City City Councillor. As our council liaison she has enthusiastically supported our land use committee; she has listened and acted in response to our neighbourhood concerns. I cannot thank Pam enough for all her hard work on our community’s behalf.

Sheena Bellingham, North Jubilee resident.


I will be voting for Pam Madoff in the upcoming election. As an engaged resident, involved in both my neighbourhood and city-wide issues, I have seen how articulate and forceful Pam is at Council in working to protect our priceless architectural heritage.

She is a strong supporter of neighbourhoods and neighbourhood values in the face of enormous development pressures.

We need Pam, and a few more like her, on Council to maintain and enhance some of the values and attributes that make Victoria a great place to live.

Bob June, Victoria resident.


City Council needs Pam Madoff’s broad perspective on Victoria’s social and economic concerns and issues related to development, planning and heritage. She listens, does her homework and provides thoughtful, meaningful comments on civic matters, whether they involve one person, a single neighbourhood, or the entire city. Her ability to see both the forest and the trees is an important asset that benefits all of us who live in the capital city.

John Adams, Local historian, author, tour guide and James Bay resident.


It is essential that we re-elect Pam Madoff to council. We have one of the largest and most vibrant heritage districts in North America and that is largely because of Pam Madoff’s leadership. Her knowledge of city plans and urban design and her commitment to listening to the voices of everyday citizens are critical to building a city for everyone.”

Nicole Chaland, Cook Street Village Resident.


"Pam understands the intricacies of zoning and appreciates the necessity of protecting the unique and precious neighbourhoods of Victoria. We need her strong, consistent voice on Council.

Janet Simpson, Rockland resident and community activist.


With her evenhanded approach to the politics of council, Pam Madoff has been a strong voice for heritage, the arts and urban planning. She is a community activist with a firm grasp of the issues and realities of civic governance.

Martin Segger


Pam Madoff is exceptional in listening and considering the views of the residents of Victoria. Pam plays a vital and important role in improving and maintaining the form, character and environment of our city. I feel that she is certainly worthy of a continuing role on City Council.

Tim Van Alstine, community activist


Pam has proven herself to be a committed and hardworking Councillor. She has the experience, knowledge and caring to effectively address that many issues facing us in our communities.

Lorne De Girolamo, community activist


Pam Madoff is a must elect councillor. Her track record on Council speaks for itself: she’s stood up for good urban design, inclusive processes and environmental responsibility every step of the way.

Irwin Henderson, James Bay resident


Councillor Pam Madoff has served us well. She listens, does her homework, sticks to principles and tries consistently to do what is best for the City and its people. Her record shines, and has earned her re-election.

Mary Liz Bayer, Past President, Heritage Canada


Pam has taken the responsibility of being our Councillor liaison seriously. She gets us information, offers great advice and readily volunteers her time. She listens. She’s energetic and enthusiastic helping us enrich our community.

Stephanie Hill & Tracey Maclowich, Oakland Resident Activists


Pam Madoff has consistently supported efforts to maintain Victoria’s harbour and marine community. She deserves the support of all interested in a vital and diversified harbour for Victoria

John Sanderson


Pam Madoff is an experienced and energetic community advocate.. She is known for hard work, vision, integrity and commitment. Victoria needs her dedication to local values and social concerns. We need her ability to get things done. I offer Pam my wholehearted support.

Laura Acton, Former City Councillor


I believe it is vital for elected city officials to ‘hear’ the voice of the average citizen. Pamela listens and responds actively and supportively.

Kathrynn Foster, North Jubilee resident


Pam has consistently shown her commitment to strong neighbourhoods by building partnerships with neighbourhood groups to include their voice in decision-making at City Hall.

Camil Dufort, James Bay resident


Pam Madoff has consistently proven effective and proactive in support of healthy neighbourhoods. As a Councillor, Victoria benefits from her leadership.

Carol Sokoloff, Fernwood resident


More than ever in our history, we need people in public office who have intelligence, integrity and experience. Pam Madoff qualifies on all counts.

Mary Liz Bayer, Past President, Heritage Canada